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A re-envisioned BMW delights in the new mid-sized luxury five series from the blue & white roundel in 2004.
A new design: brilliance in aesthetic composition.
The BMW 5 eloquently expresses its presence in a totally new design medium, a language of sleekness, reserved charm and smooth, subtle yet powerfully distinguishing body curves.

Power. The prospective 5 owner will have a choice in propulsion; ranging from the 125kW (170bhp) 2.2 litre six-cylinder petrol engine to the 170kW (231bhp) 3.0 litre, with an intermediate option of 141kW (189bhp) in the 2.5 litre six. All units achieve unrivaled standards of fuel efficiency.
World First For debut in the E60 five series is the revolutionary heads up display, which relays important driving information regarding conditions, speed and even navigational data.

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