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The 6 Series, spawned in 1976, only existed in one class previous to 2004, the E24, but had class-a-plenty to claim a place in motoring history and in the enthusiast heart as a fast-paced luxury Coupe performer. The new six series, due to be unleashed soon, promises not to disappoint.


The 2004 Edition BMW Six Series Coupe
In 2004 BMW will revive the six series, ambitiously announcing the new suave coupe to woo buyers and adorn roads and garages alike. This preliminary report critically examines the six series pre-release.

Click Here to Explore the 2004 Six
Pictures, Report and Criticisms



Basic History & Specifications
The BMW 6 appeared in 1976, borrowing much in design and mechanics from the upcoming E23 7 series. Initially, it was available in either the 630CS, or the more powerful 633CSi. In 1978, the 635CSi joined the line-up and a year later, the 628CSi became available to tempt entry-level buyers. In 1983, the M635CSi, most notoriously, the 'M6', whose M-power engine was derived from the blitzly and very fast BMW M1 arrived. The M635CSi was a beast of 286bhp and capable of 0-60mph in 6.4 seconds. The the 628CSi was axed by BMW in 1988, with all 6s discontinued in 1989.

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Pictures, Specifications and Brief History



E24 Face-off: 635CSi vs. M635CSi
There's nothing like a six. BMW1st takes this opportunity to pit the classic 6s against each other. The suave 635CSi Coupe does battle with the bold and swift M6. Which has more style? Or power? Join us for our comparative expedition into the world of the six!

Click Here: E24 Face-off!
A Comprehensive Interrogation of Both Models



Buying Guide & Maintenance Issues
The youngest six is now, by today's standards, an aging piece of automotive machinery.

Click Here: Buying Guide & Maintenance Issues!
A checklist for buying and maintenance.

Feature: Engine & Model Designations

Every BMW engine and its specifications along with a comprehensive model number translation list.
The NEW BMW 6 Series

Join BMW1st for a comprehensive test drive, full report and preview of the new 2004 BMW 6 Series Coupe!
BMW 6 Series Enthusiasts finally have their wish with the release of the "BMW 6 Series Enthusiast's Companion," written by the well-known automotive journalist and former sedan racer Jeremy Walton.
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