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Meet the new BMW 3 Series

BMW unveils the 2005 3 series; a new age ultra-classy line of small-to-mid-sized saloons...

The new look is consistent with the Bangle theme evident in all the latest releases from the Bavarian car manufacturer. The front retains the wrap-around sleek look that defines the current generation of 5 and 7 series Beemers. The rear is modernised and curled back ever-so-slightly, but the general visual philosophy of the 3 series remains the same. It appears that BMW has taken care to remain conservative in adjusting the well-known 3 series formula with this less-ambitious design.

BMW's new generation will debut in the 320i, with variations allowing consumers to choose their engine and specify between the base-model 320i with a 2ltr engine or the larger six-cylinder 330i with 3 litres of injection. Diesel models will also be available and other petrol editions will also be released (323i, 325i, 328i etc).

A fantastic collection of high resolution pictures of the new three series is available from, click here

We will post a full feature on the new three shortly.

Forbes has done a brilliant preview that interested readers might like to peruse. A PDF version of the article may be downloaded here


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The past feature (E65/66 Seven Series) is available here

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