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The M Series is BMW's high performance, sport and motor racing line. Typically the M class is divided between Coupe and Convertible forms.

the E46 (current)
The First Seven was released in 1977, classed as the E23 7 series. It was initially available in three flavours, the 730, 733i and not least the 728. All three sported an in-line M30 6-cylinder engine. From 1979 on, the 728 was sold with fuel-injection, the 732i replaced the older 730 and the 735i surpassed the 733i. In 1983, the moderately newer looking 745i was introduced before 1986 which heralded the new E32 7 series line and the discontinuation of the E23.

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the E32 (1986-1994)
The E32 brought a major design change to the 7 line released at first as the 730i and the 735i. The classical front was shallowed out, making the nose, badge and headlights less pronounced while the back was modernised with a new orientation for the rear lights and boot. In 1987, the 750i, 735iL and 750iL entered the market, the "iL" models distinguished by their elongated and stately appearance. 1992 brought forth the 8-cylinder 740i to replace the 735i and 735iL and was the last major addition to the E32 line.

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the E38 (1994-2000)
1994's new E38 seven was released initially in the 730i, 740i, 750i and 750iL models. Subsequently, in '96, the 728i and 728iL, both sporting a six-cylinder engine became available. Also, in the same year the 735i and 735iL emerged to replace the 730i and the 740i's engine was revised to reflect more modern innovations. 1998 saw the introduction of diesel to BMW's luxury line in the new 730d, later in '99, another diesel cousin was spawned, the 740d. The E38's front took on a streamlined new look: the headlights received a common enclosure while the rest of the body became 'modernised' and smoothed out.

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the E65/E66 (2001+)
In 2001 BMW unveiled the E65 7 Series to renew its innovative committment: a completely new design graces the shapely, but sturdy estate luxury saloon which initially became available in the V8 735i and 745i. By 2003, BMW had literally 'extended' the E65 into the elongated 735iL and 745iL, followed by the newer E66 760i and 760iL additions. All the E65/66 7s sport bi-vanos valvetronic engines, from the V8 730s and 740s to the V12 327kW powerhouses of the 760s.

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The BMW M Series
The M series represents BM's high performance line of motorsport, racing and enthusiast cars.
A Note Concerning Abbreviations
"i" refers to fuel injection, and is commonly placed behind, yet adjoined to the model number, e.g. 730i

"iL" is used to signify an extra long, extended or 'stretched' 7 series, e.g. 750iL



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