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BMW: sales continue to be positive
November 7, 2003 - BMW Group Press Release

Sales of the BMW Group, with 94,120 automobiles delivered to customers in October (prev.yr.: 85,320 / +10.3%), are developing positively. Up to the end of October, this means that the BMW Group has sold 909,370 BMW and MINI automobiles. This represents an increase of 2.0% over the same period last year (891,180).

Sales of BMW brand automobiles clearly gained impetus in October. In the month under review, 79,680, or 13.6% more, BMW cars were delivered to customers than in the previous month (70,110). This means that sales of the BMW brand in the first ten months of the year, at 757,800 units, are only 1.7% below the corresponding figure from the previous year (771,090).

Unit sales of BMW brand automobiles gained additional momentum by the two most recently launched models, especially the new BMW 5 Series Saloon. It was fully available in all the most important markets worldwide for the first time in October, and 12,910 units were delivered to customers. Since the market launch at the beginning of July this year, this means that 36,970 new BMW 5 Series vehicles have already left the dealerships. 3,800 BMW Z4 automobiles were supplied in October, and the figure for the period ending October 2003 was 39,530. This roadster is thus maintaining its position as worldwide segment leader by a long way.

In October, MINI sales since the beginning of the year topped the 150,000 mark. In the period ending October with 151,570 MINI sold (prev.yr.: 120,080 / +26.2%), the sales level for the entire previous year, which was 144,120, has already been clearly exceeded. Based on last year´s high level sales MINI worldwide decreased by 5.1% compared with October 2002 to 14,440 units (prev.yr.: 15,210).

In the first ten months of 2003, the strongest market for BMW Group automobiles in terms of sales volume continued to be the USA with 226,870 automobiles delivered to customers (prev.yr.: 206,790 / +9.7%). In second place comes Germany, with 213,760 automobiles (prev.yr.: 223,610 / -4.4%). The fastest growing market in the first ten months of the year is the Chinese Mainland. Here, sales more than doubled from 5,320 automobiles to 12,050 (+126.5%). This figure includes 900 BMW 3 Series cars which were produced since the beginning of September in a joint venture with the Chinese partner Brilliance and which have been delivered to customers since the middle of October.
- BMW Group,


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